OpenBazaar Claims That They Are All Set To Start Afresh


After closing down in the year 2020 owing to financial concerns and insufficient revenue growth, the autonomous marketplace is prepared to resurface anew.

A variety of social media and GitHub updates suggest that the autonomous marketplace OpenBazaar, which closed down more than three years ago, is about to make a reappearance. The creation of a fresh design of the marketplace, which closed down during the pandemic, is now progressing, according to a GitHub project on the cooperative software design website as of 12th April.

Brian Hoffman On The New Version Of OpenBazaar

On April 9, Brian Hoffman, who is the CEO of the business that created OpenBazaar’s software, tweeted about the advancements made on this altered design of the market, adding it is becoming more exciting with each passing day.

Hoffman was questioned in the responses about how the market will be distinctive this time around considering that it had previously been forced to close owing to financial difficulties and subpar user growth. Brian responded by referring to the freedom to explore, implying that outside forces were responsible for its early collapse.

On 28th March, Hoffman tweeted a link to OpenBazaar’s GitHub page, which revealed he had been developing an updated incarnation of the platform using the computer language Rust. This was the first indication that it might be making a comeback. Only a few hours later, OpenBazaar’s official Twitter account also tweeted that their work to build themselves up had begun once again and this time they were quite positive about it.

The fact that the website for company now displays the word OpenBazaar 3.0 adds to the indication that the industry is probably about to reopen. Brian tweeted that somehow a future version of OpenBazaar will need to be more independent from OB1 after the marketplace had closed in 2020, but he didn’t elaborate on how this may operate. After receiving feedback from the community, the bazaar changed its name from “DarkMarket” to “OpenBazaar” to boost its reputation.