Optimism Airdrop Left Overwhelmed By ATH Demand


Optimism, the scaling solution for layer-2 of Ethereum has been left overwhelmed after its highly awaited airdrop was launched on Wednesday. The demand was the highest it has ever been. As a result, users who raced to get their tokens had to face error messages such as delayed or failed transactions. Meanwhile, the team from Optimism raced as fast as they could behind the scenes to give the network some more capacity.

Optimism Airdropping New Token

As per a previous April report, Optimism decided to airdrop the new governance token known as OP via several phases. This accompanies a simultaneous launch of “The Optimism Collective” – an autonomous and decentralized organization (DAO). Almost 250,000 addresses should receive the Optimism airdrop. The eligibility criteria are set for the Crypto’s early adopters as well as normal users of Ethereum, including bridge users, multi-sig signers, and DAO voters.

As per Opt Status, the degraded performance of the mainnet had remained for about 3.5 hours. The team provisioned more capacity as the solution to the issue. As such, the functionality of archive nodes remains limited for the time being until the load on the network goes down.

As per Opt’s Twitter statement, the team would look to take this as a lesson from their first-ever airdrop. As such, they will apply the lessons to the upcoming second round. It also promised to give out a detailed retrospective on the issue in the following week regarding everything that happened. They expressed wonder at the way the day went and the fact that the launch was a bit turbulent. However, they managed to stabilize it after working on it for over 5 hours without a break.

Users on Twitter, including OlimpioCrypto, were among the first announcers of the airdrop happening early on Tuesday. His 35,400 fans were thus informed hours prior to Opt’s official announcement.