Otherside Metaverse Demo Gets Huge Response


Metaverse’s other side was a huge hit from what we can tell from its inauguration day’s success. It kicked off with 4500 participants on its first day as a demo of Otherside Metaverse. The first trip was conducted recently on Saturday, and it was open to all the land owners with tokenized land plots in the virtual world of Otherside.

The event has been an out-and-out success as many participants took Twitter to express their enthusiasm about the event.

The Very First Trip To The Otherside Metaverse 

Almost 4500 voyagers recently came together to join a virtual lobby where they will be appearing in their Voyager Avatars. Then they followed a giant ape from there who took them to the other side of Metaverse through a colorful portal. Sounds fictitious, right? This has been possible in the recent first trip to the Otherside Metaverse.

According to our sources, it was not much after that as the voyagers then reached what is known as a biogenic swamp. They were sent to a stadium where they could test their avatars and dynamics.

It Was A Colorful Experience Inside Otherside Metaverse 

Few Voyagers said they had an incredible experience inside the Metaverse. We have learned that the voyagers could interact with nature and the surroundings where huge creatures were walking around. These creatures would attack the voyagers whenever they got too close to them.

However, the Yuga Lab’s Bored Ape Yacht Club, which is in association with the project, has announced that the project is still in its preliminary stage. However, they have released a lite paper that briefed the principles behind the project and how they might be going forward with the project.