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P2E Gaming To Become Easier With $6M Guild Funds Raised By 40,000 Members

DAO is a gaming guild that has successfully managed to garner more than 40,000 playing members. In addition, there are also 3,000 scholars from all over the Philippines and Indonesia. Additionally, DAO also comprises a guild with more than 40,000 playing members from the Philippines and Indonesia. These members are managed with the help of a P2E (play to earn) program of scholar management. 

The DAO named Play It Forward has recently made an announcement at the very beginning of the new year of 2022. They informed that they have raised almost $6 million in funds from their private investors. This fund was raised by them within 6 months of launching. 

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P2E Members Create A Wondrous Gaming Ecosystem 

At the present moment, the DAO consists of players that come from various significant games of Metaverse play to earn. These include Thetan Arena, Dragonary, Pegaxy, and Axie Infinity. 

Cholo Maputol is the co-founder and he stated to Cointelegraph that these funds are going to be utilised for improving the scholarship programs of DAO. They will also boost their P2E platform along with financing a few initial investments in infrastructure and P2E-related projects. 

On 2nd January, DAO announced that this massive fundraising shows their upcoming phase that will change P2E into an experience of ‘Plug and Play’ for global members. Maputol also admitted that P2E is inaccessible to several people due to technicalities. 

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He also added that they intended to create an ecosystem that is seamless. 

Investors of Ren and Polkadot, like Signum Capital, have invested. Other partners include Kyber ventures, Jump Capital, Octava, GSR, NxGen, SL2 Capital, Mintable, 975 Capital. LD Capital, DWeb3, and others. 

Loi Luu, Kyber Founder, informed they had confidence in PIF DAO that could boost P2E economy. 

PIF was earlier named Railings University and changed it in 2021 December.

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