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PayPal’s Alliance with Blockchain Technology Brings Excitement to DigiByte (DGB) Community

The PaxosGlobal team was recently congratulated by the DigiByte family for their efforts in the field of cryptocurrency. They have made crypto available to more than 286 million users on the PayPal app. PayPal’s new alliance with Blockchain technology has caused tons of excited cheers to the DigiByte (DGB) community. This a milestone event in the field of cryptocurrency and the virtual market. 

 It is also being taken into account that DigiByte is 40 times more swift than Bitcoin and speed is very important for PayPal. It is also 10 times faster than Litecoin with a maximum level of supply of 21 billion and also has a lower tx price than Ethereum. These features make the process of payments very fast and also very smooth. 

DigiByte Fan Base

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The community is promoting the idea that DigiByte in its rights should be present as an option in the PayPal app. It is ideally modeled for smooth and easy transactions alongside a large fan following. It is also a lot cheaper thAn the Bitcoin fees structure. Some are also saying that DGB is not receiving its deserved attention and importance in the field of cryptocurrency. 

Future of DGB

It is being assumed that by the year 2035 the 21 billion hard caps will be attained which will mean that there will be 1 BTC for every 1000 DGB. This is mainly because of the easy transactionality of the DGB and it was manufactured in this particular design to serve this purpose. 

Compared to the other blockchain systems in the market, DigiByte is capable of running at least 48 million transactions in a single day, which is almost 10times of the capacity of its contemporaries.

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This blockchain system has proved to be one of the most efficient ones in the field and has given rise to 25 percent of the random fundraiser. By donating to this foundation the growth of this system will be amplified to a larger scale. 

Jared Tate recently said that DGB can carry out Defi and issues related to a smart contract.  He also added that the DigiAssets could be categorized into two separate groups, which will make the comprehension of the system much easier. The first of the mentioned parts are the instructions regarding the burn and transfer manipulation. Also the issuance. The way of storing this in the DGB chain is as an OP_RETURN in DigiByte. it is very important to keep in mind that this kind of presence is very crucial for the existence of the DigiAssets, rather it can be said that this is the bare minimum that can be done.

Many other details regarding the issuance of the assets and DigiAssets have been given in detail by Jared Tate.

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