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Peloton Has Put Out A Lawsuit Against Lululemon

Peloton has put out a lawsuit against Lululemon after the maker of athletic apparel threatened to put out a lawsuit of their own over an apparel line. The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday night at the Manhattan federal court, close to two and a half months after the clothing company went on to launch their own apparent brand following the end of its five-year collaboration with Lululemon- a break which the defendant found amicable.

The company further stated that the claims of Lululemon that around five of its women’s bra and legging products, which involved High Neck bra, Strappy bra, Cadent Peak bra, Cadent Laser Dot Bra, and Cadent Laser Dot Leggings, infringing on the design patents was simply meritless.

Peloton Takes On Lululemon 

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This apparel line would see Peloton, a New-York based startup, relying less and less on its treadmills and bikes after their sales growth went down to more people going out and about after having received their COVID vaccines.

In a letter that was sent out on the 11th of November, the lawyer of Lululemon stated that the British Columbia-based company would sue the NYC-based company if the latter didn’t stop selling their newest apparel. But the relatively newer startup stated that their products and the designs of Lululemon were easily distinguishable, and the designs of Lululemon were quite obvious to everyone around. 

Peloton further commented that on top of the obvious differences in the design, the brand of both the companies as well as the logos are quite well-recognized and distinctive- that would negate any sort of confusion cropping up about the two different products. 

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As of now, Peloton is seeking a declaration from the court that it has not infringed upon the patents of Lululemon, and the trade dress of the British Columbia company, and that the patent claims of the company were completely invalid. 


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