Stimulus Check 2022: Pennsylvania Residents To Get $2000

stimulus checks
Stimulus Checks

Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania is advocating for $2,000 Stimulus Checks to assist residents with the cost of groceries and gas.

Wolf made an appearance in Allegheny County on Monday to urge the Republican-controlled state Assembly to approve his PA Opportunity Program, which would give $2,000 Stimulus Checks to households with annual incomes under $80,000. If approved, it is predicted that the program would draw 250,000 applicants and cost $500 million.

Stimulus Check For Pennsylvania Residents

Wolf’s budget proposal included the program in February, but it was taken out during talks. He is now urging state legislators to take action and provide inflationary relief.

In a statement released on Monday, Wolf stated that the funds would “make a life-changing difference for people in communities around the commonwealth, providing a much-needed cushion against costs that are artificially and momentarily higher owing to inflation.” “Let us put this money back in Pennsylvanians’ pockets to help offset the increasing costs of gas, groceries, and other expenses.

Republicans in Pennsylvania disagreed with Wolf’s Stimulus Check proposal, claiming that the aid would aggravate inflation and raise prices for consumers. These assertions have been refuted by Wolf, who maintains that his program is sufficiently targeted and the payments are sufficiently modest to represent less than 0.1 percent of the state’s GDP.

Even though the U.S. inflation rate has started to decline after peaking at 9.1% in June, which was the highest rate in 40 years, rising prices are still a major concern for voters as they travel to the polls in November.

Inflation and high gas prices are the top two voting issues for over 75% of Americans, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll issued this month.