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Personalizing Your Customer Service with 6 Strategies

Customers want brands to respond to their queries, fast and in a personalized way, with the expected response time for you to be minutes and seconds. Gone will be the days when companies could afford to reply in 24-48 hours. Here is personalizing your customer service with six strategies.

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Your customers don’t always want a “wow” experience. Even a response “I’ll get back to you with an answer” shows that their query has been addressed. What matters is genuine and helpful customer support.

Today, negative comments from customers can prove fatal for a brand; you may not want to bring that doom upon your self, as the brand owner. A report by Statista found that over fifty percent of the clients stopped working with an organization due to poor buying experience. If the client experience isn’t your strategy, you’re carrying it out wrong. Because, the majority of buyers rate experience as crucial as price and quality, reported by PwC.

Here will be the six benefits and approaches for brands to generate personalized experiences for their clients across multiple channels.

Personalizing Customer Service

#1. Builds trust.

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A customer insights survey shows that 35% of clients are more inclined to purchase something from a particular brand solely on their trust of the exact same. People may buy from a brandname they know rather than the not known ones. Even when the other option is much better, customers would rather stay loyal to the brand they will have known, and that’s where you could make a difference. They appreciate customized messages or offers specifically curated for them as it gives them a sense of belonging.

Knowing what your customer wants and empathizing with their pain points enables you to see how your product gels their lives. Delivering value is the most fundamental solution to establish trust among them and provides you an upper give your competitors.

#2. Higher conversion rates.

Personalization means understanding the clients’ needs at a deeper level, beyond addressing them with their name in the email’s subject line. As per Salesforce, more than 50% of customers expect offers from brands to be personalized. Unfortunately, the same percentage feel that the marketing messages they receive are not as relevant because they want them to be.

Customizing content, offers, and customer support to engage leads who are thinking about your offerings is a great solution to convert them into clients.

#3. Higher customer retention.

A report by Adobe reiterates the importance of marketing to existing clients. When 40% of e-commerce revenue is generated by only 8% of repeat customers, how would you keep consitently the modern shopper loyal to the brand? Especially if they are bombarded everywhere by advertisements and content. Use personalization to enhance customer retention. Studies show a direct correlation between personalization and client satisfaction, thereby helping in customer retention.

Read further to know the three ways it is possible to personalize your customer support:

#4. Localization.

If you’re looking to attract a worldwide audience, your brand messaging would have to be customized to the local markets. Global brands such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, BMW, Mercedes, and Apple to technology businesses such as Slack have fine-tuned their offerings. Most brands now have competitive pricing, products, and customer support according to local preferences and purchasing behaviors.

According to Common Sense Advisory (CSA), 74% of customers may buy again from a brand that offers post-sale support within their native language. When an organization expands its business across locations and into different countries, this content, messaging, type of communication, and non-textual elements such as pictures and icons will differ.

Localization is a comprehensive process of offering customer support in the indigenous language that takes under consideration the cultural nuances of this region. Nuances could just take the form of localizing the web site, app, content, communication within the call, email, social media, and knowledge base.

Native translators comprehend the local slangs, grammar, synonyms, language, traditions, and translate, keeping the wit, sarcasm, and meaning intact. Machines, on the other hand, perform literal translation, which can be incorrect. For example, Priceline discovered that Americans usually do not prefer speaking with support staff who have a British accent. In fact, in Britain itself, Welsh prefer speaking with Welsh support reps and Scots to someone who uses their language.

The most successful companies are those whose support can be as diverse because the customer communities they serve.

#5. Personalized Videos.

Videos produce more conversions than every other form of content because they are short, easy to understand, improve brand recall, and are more engaging than text. Along with this, videos receive 1,200% more shares than text and pictures combined.

23% of consumers, specially millennials in the usa, prefer a face-to-face interaction to mitigate service problems, according to a written report by American Express. For products with complicated working, personalized videos can be used for customer support. They are videos customized for individual viewers. You can personalize the logo, thumbnail, support staff’s contact information and photo, and the web site URL on these videos.

Video personalization platforms such as Hippo Video, Idomoo and Rocketium allow you to send the same video over and over again, by inserting personalized elements. The same video goes to 1000s of people, yet making them feel as if it absolutely was made for them. You may use them for product demos, on-boarding, explanatory videos solving the customer queries, and to introduce the staff who would be handling that client. You can personalize renewal reminders, promotions, and product feature release announcements.

#6. Live chat.

Having a live chat feature on the website facilitates immediate reaction to queries or issues raised by a customer.

With consumers expecting answers within 10 minutes, live chat has the highest customer satisfaction rate of 92%, as compared to emails and calls, found Zendesk and HubSpot. Combine it with a personalized interaction with them, and you raise your chances of creating a sale and winning a person for life.

Via live chat, it is possible to convey empathy, use wit, and put in a personalized touch in solving the customer queries. While chatbots can help in answering the fundamental questions, supply the user the choice of speaking with the support staff if the issue is elevated or when the bot fails to grasp the context.

Additionally, chat analytics provide businesses with insightful information on the performance of these customer service representatives and common issues faced by prospects. That will help in tailoring future interactions accordingly.

Wrapping up: Adding a personal touch to customer interactions builds brand loyalty. Happy clients are the most useful brand ambassadors. And clients crave for a personalized response to their issues. The tools and strategies shared here can help you engage with your customers, solve their queries, and compel them to produce a purchase.

What efforts do you make to offer personalized customer support?

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