Validation On The System Of Polygon Is Currently Google Cloud

Google Cloud
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On September 29, Polygon Labs revealed Google Cloud had become a validator on the Polygon PoS network. As part of the layer-2 Ethereum system, Google Cloud joined more than 100 validators in confirming transactions. By running nodes, staking MATIC tickers below $0.5254, and engaging in PoS consensus mechanisms, validators on the Polygon network contribute to the network’s security.

On X, the GCS account said Google Cloud had been serving in the form of a jurist on their PoS system and that it’d have been adding on to the network’s collective security, management, and decentralization besides 100+ separate validators.”

Google Cloud Referring To Partnership As A Strategic Move

While the majority of Polygon’s validators remain secret, Google Cloud has joined the network, joining Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, which is one of the continent’s biggest telecommunications companies. Google Cloud, on the other hand, refers to its partnership with Polygon Labs as “a continuing strategic partnership.” In addition to the news that it will be a validator joining the system, GCAP also made a video on YouTube titled “Polygon Labs has been resolving for the Web3 future for everyone.”

To modernize the Polygon network, Polygon Labs has unveiled their “Polygon 2.0” program. According to the media, the current plan, “Phase 0,” includes PIPs 17–19, and three PIPs. PIP 17 deals with the changeover MATIC to the recent POL token, while PIPs 19 and 18  deal with related tasks like upgrading gas tokens and providing a technical definition of POL. These improvements are anticipated to start happening in Q4 2023, per Polygon.