Ray Liotta’s Fiancée Fragile One Month After His Death

Ray Liotta

One month has passed since the death of Jacy Nittolo’s fiance, the actor Ray Liotta. One month after Ray Liotta’s unexpected death, his fiancee wrote a heartfelt homage to the deceased actor on Thursday, in which she reflected on how “fragile” she felt.

Jacy Nittolo wrote on Instagram, “It is hard to realize a month has passed by since Liotta’s demise.” Liotta’s daughter through his wedding to actor Michelle Grace is an adult daughter named Karsen.

There are no words to appropriately convey what one goes through with this unforeseen loss,” stated Ray Liotta’s 47-year-old fiancee. “I think about him constantly and deeply miss him.”

Each of the “Goodfellas” actors and Nittolo’s children came from past relationships. Nittolo’s four children are named Dax, Chazz, Jade, and Joey, while Liotta and his ex-wife Michelle Grace have a daughter named Karsen, now 23.

Ray Liotta’s Passing Away Crushed Jacy

In December of 2020, the 67-year-old Goodfellas actor announced his proposal to Nittolo.

Only two days after his death in his sleep on the set of Dangerous Waters in the Dominican Republic with Nittolo by his side, did she make any public comments about her grief.

Nittolo said that spending time with their blended family had helped ease the pain of her death.

Our children, Dax, Karsen, Chazz, Jade, and Joey, are the bright spots in my day, she stated. Despite everything I have been through, I have discovered that love and humor can emerge from the darkest of places

Last but not least, Nittolo expressed her gratitude for her “mixed family.”

On May 26, 2018, just at age of 67, Ray Liotta peacefully passed away in his sleep. At the time, he was visiting the Dominican Republic to film “Dangerous Waters,” and rumors circulated that he was making a comeback to the acting world.

The untimely passing of the iconic actor shocked the entertainment industry, and several of his fellow actors have since opened up about their grief. As time passes, his legacy as an artist and a family man remains intact.