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Recurring Stimulus Checks In The 4th Round A Possibility? A Reality Check

The fourth stimulus check was a matter of debate and speculation as millions received the 3rd round of the stimulus check at the beginning of this year. Almost half a year later, progressive lawmakers and the people have not stopped advocating for the fourth round of stimulus checks, with many even appealing for recurring payments till the debilitating effect of the economic recession lasts.

The pandemic had crippled the global economy even as the virus strikes back in new and deadly variants. It will be some time before the vaccine is given to a majority of the population. And the combined effect of the stimulus checks and the enhanced unemployment benefits had brought down the poverty rate in 2020, for the first time since 2009.

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Most proponents of a fourth stimulus check argue that stopping at the third check would be akin to leaving American citizens mid-stream. There is still some way to go before the economy limps back to the pre-pandemic normal level.

Petition For Recurring Stimulus Check Garners 2.8 M Signatures

The petition started by Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner, in change.org has garnered 2.8M signatures. It has supported the need for a recurring stimulus payment to last till the end of the economic recession.

Bonin appealed to the administration and spoke of the fear for her financial future due to the economic downturn brought about by the pandemic.

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She wrote that people had lost their source of income as businesses and other institutions remained closed. People remain at home, many even forced to due to sick and infirm family members.

She said that the benefits of the stimulus checks were yet to reach the low-wage workers, who number over 20% of the population. They were facing large debts incurred during the pandemic.

She spoke of a stimulus payment that would not need legislative sanction and would be automatically triggered under certain conditions. That would ensure that the people truly in need would get immediate access to funds during an emergency. 

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