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Monday, October 25, 2021

The Stocks Of REGN Have Received An Average Rating Of Buy From Brokerages

The stocks of REGN have already received a consensus rating of hold from twenty-seven analysts that have been covering the stocks of the company. According to reports, two of the research analysts have given the stock a rating of sell, with nine of them giving it a rating of hold. Twelve investment analysts have already given it a rating of buy. The target price of the company over a period of a year is $632.74, as set by analysts that have been working on the firm.

The Quarterly Earnings of REGN

There have been quite a few brokerage firms that have been working on the stocks of REGN. ValuEngine has already decreased the stocks of REGN from a rating of sell to a rating of strong sell, in a research note that was published on the 10th of December. Morgan Stanley has also decreased the price target of the company from $602 to $527, along with setting up a rating of equal weight on the stocks of the firm.

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Cantor Fitzgerald has also raised the ratings of REGN from neutral to overweight, along with a price target of $690 set on the stocks of the firm. JPMorgan Chase & Co have reiterated their rating of hold on the company in a research report that was issued on the 1st of October.

The shares of this company traded at $1.02 last Wednesday, where it touched $483.20. The year low of the company is $328.13, while the year high is around $664.64. The moving average of the company over a period of fifty days is $510.53, while the moving average of the company over a period of 200-days is $577.06. The market cap of the stock is $51.56 billion, with a PE ratio of around 18.69, a PEG ratio fixed at 1.80, with a beta settled at 0.51. The debt to equity ratio of the company is 0.08, with a current ratio set at 2.12. 

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