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The Stocks Of BAH Have Received A Rating Of Buy

The shares of BAH have received a consensus rating of Buy, as prescribed by thirteen different analysts who have covered the stock. According to a report, six of the investment analysts gave the stock a rating of hold, while seven of them gave it a rating of buy. The analysts have brought out a price target of $85.50 for the company, based on a yearly annual growth rate. 

There have been quite a few companies that have been interested in the growth and development of BAH. Morgan Stanley has already raised the price objective on the company from $87 to $91, along with a rating of overweight in a report that was issued on the 4th of December. Credit Suisse Group, on the other hand, decreased the rating on the stocks of the company from a target price of $91 to a target price of $87, along with a rating of outperform in yet another report that was issued on the 2nd of November. 

The Quarterly Earnings of BAH

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The stocks of BAH traded at $0.18 last Wednesday, where it reached $87.40. The moving average of the firm over a period of 50 days is $88, while the moving average of the firm over a period of 200 days is $82.91. The market cap of the firm is $12.05 billion, with a PE ratio of around 23.91, and a PEG ratio of 2.21, along with a beta of 0.82. The debt to equity ratio of the company has been set at 2.38, with a current ratio reaching as high as 2.01. The year low of the company is $54.37, with the year high fixed at $91.21. 

BAH previously announced the results of their quarterly earnings on the 4th of November. In that quarter, the company had boasted an EPS of $1.03, which comfortably beat out the estimate put forward by analysts at $0.92. The revenue generated by the company in that period was $2.02 billion, which, too, went above the consensus estimate of $1.97 billion. The company seems to have a return on its equity set at 54.01%, with a net margin fixed at 6.62%.

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