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NASDAQ: GAIN Receives A Rating Of “Sell” From Stock Market Analysts

Zacks Investment Research downgrades NASDAQ: GAIN from a rating of “hold” to a rating of “sell” during a Monday report. Gladstone Investment Inc operates and an investment firm in the United States. 

What Do Stock Market Analysts Say About NASDAQ: GAIN?

ValuEngine increased its Gladstone Investment shares to a rating of “hold” from a rating of “sell” on 29th July during a Wednesday report. BidaskClub, on the other hand, decreased its NASDAQ: GAIN shares to a rating of “sell” from a rating of “hold” on 10th October during a Saturday report. 

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Two stock market analysts issued a rating of “sell” to Gladstone Invest. Meanwhile, three issued a rating of “hold”. Currently, NASDAQ: GAIN has an average “hold” rating and a price target of $12.50. 

On Monday, Gladstone Investment (NASDAQ: GAIN) started trading at $0.06. The company’s one year low and one year high are $6.43 and $15.34 respectively. The final g’s fifty days moving average and two-hundred days moving average are $9.17 and $9.82 respectively. Gladstone Investment’s market cap stands at $296.85 million. It’s beta and price to earnings ratio are 1.36 and -22.35. 

Which Hedge Funds Or Institutional Investors Increased Or Decreased Its Gladstone Investment Stock?

Advisor Group Holdings Inc recently acquired NASDAQ: GAIN shares worth $2,636,000. Davenport & Co LLC increased its Gladstone Investment Holdings by 0.5 percent. Currently, Davenport & Co LLC owns an estimate of $2,800,000, which comes from 273,471 company shares. 

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Two Sigma Advisers LP increased its NASDAQ: GAIN shares by 6.4 percent. They currently own an estimate of $2,063,000, which comes from 201,442 company shares. Legal & General Group Plc increased its Gladstone Investment holdings by 1.7 percent. They currently own an estimate of $1,424,000, which comes from 182,189 company shares. Lastly, Two Sigma Investments LP increased its  NASDAQ: GAIN holdings by 199.0 percent. They currently own an estimate of $1,092,000, which comes from 139,061 company shares. 

On 28th July, during a Tuesday report, the final last revealed its earnings for the quarter. As per reports, Gladstone Investment brought in $011 earnings per share. The stock market analysts had expected the company will bring in $0.19 EPS for the quarter. NASDAQ: GAIN also reported a positive return on equity and a negative net margin of 5.82 percent and 23.93 percent. Furthermore, Gladstone Investment Inc’s quarterly revenue was estimated at $10.71 million. The stock market analysts had estimated that the company would bring in $13.66 million. 

Currently, the stock market analyst predicts that Gladstone Investment (NASDAQ: GAIN) will bring in $0.57 EPS for the current FY.

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