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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Renasant Corp. (NASDAQ:RNST) May Declare $164.28 Million as Quarterly Sales

According to Zacks Investment Research, Wall Street Brokerages estimate that for the current quarter, $164.28 million will be reported as sales by Renasant Corp. (NASDAQ:RNST). The company’s earnings have been anticipated by four analysts. The estimated range of the earnings varies between $155.30 million to and $173.90 million. At the same time last year, Renasant registered $146.78 of sales. This indicated an 11.9% positive year-over-year growth rate. On Monday,19th October, the company will announce its earnings for the next quarter. 

Renasant Corp. (NASDAQ:RNST) EPS- Analysts’ Opinion

According to analysts, Renasant Corp. (NASDAQ:RNST) should register $628.58 million as full-year sales of the current year. The estimated range varies between $565.80 million and $665.30 million. Analysts also anticipate that for the next sales year, the company will report sales of $599.80 million. The estimated range varies from $573.90 million to $611.70 million. As per Zacks Investment Research, several firms that follow Renasant conduct surveys, and the sales calculations are a mean average based on them.  

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On Monday, 27th July, Renasant (NASDAQ:RNST) announced its earnings results. Bypassing the consensus estimate given by Thomson Reuters’ of $0.30, for the current quarter, the financial services posted $0.36 as their earnings per share (EPS), The net margin of Renasant was 14.07% and 5.62% was the return on equity. For the quarter, the firm raised $169.95 million revenue, beating the analysts’ estimate of $147.73 million. In the previous year, for the same quarter, Renasant registered an EPS of $0.82. 

Renasant (NASDAQ:RNST)- Research Firms’ Reports 

Recently, reports on Renasant (NASDAQ:RNST) have been issued by various research firms. On Thursday, 30th July a research report suggested that the price target on the company was reduced from $28.00 to $26.00 and a ‘hold’ was issued by SunTrust Banks. In a research note on Wednesday, 1st July, Renasant was uplifted from a ‘strong sell rating’ to a ‘hold’ rating by Zacks Investment Research. On Wednesday, 7th October, a research note said that ValuEngine boosted the firm’s rating from ‘sell’ to ‘hold.’ 

A research report on Tuesday, 15th September suggested that DA Davidson decreased the price target on Renasant (NASDAQ:RNST) from $28.50 to $27.00. It also changed the firm’s rating from ‘buy’ to ‘neutral.’ 

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As per a research note on Tuesday, 15th September, BidaskClub changed Renasant (NASDAQ:RNST)’s rating from ‘sell’ to ‘strong sell.’

The firm has received a ‘sell’ rating from one research analyst and ‘hold’ rating from seven analysts. The average rating of Renasant (NASDAQ:RNST) is ‘hold’ and $31.20 is the consensus price target. 

On Monday, the company opened at $26.70. Renasant’s market cap is $1.50 billion, the PE ratio is 15.61, and has 1.35 of beta. 

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