Ripple Has Expanded Its Engineering Activities In Canada


The University of Toronto has planned on launching an independent ledger validator for Ripple, as announced by the company on 12th June. This implies that the University will be a part of the University Blockchain Research Initiative of the company.

This partnership will support crypto and blockchain technology at the university. The partnership will also look at the XRPL Campus Ambassador Program of the company, which has its aims at elevating the impact of college students by helping them educate other students about crypto, and how they should start developing the XRPL. Andreas Veneris, a professor of the University of Toronto mentioned that hosting an XRP ledger validator would be matching their goals in both promoting education around the ledger, and also the trust of the public in the scholars of the university.

Ripple Is About To Collaborate With the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is the largest university by enrollment in Canada, and now it has joined the University of Waterloo and the Toronto Metropolitan University as Canadian UBRI participants. As it stands, Ripple has already invested in around $2 million in research in the North American country in the last five years.

Overall, the UBRI has managed to support around 45 universities in 20 countries. Back in July 2022, Ripple had opened up an office in Toronto- which then served as an engineering hub. The office currently has a staff of over 30 and employs summer interns. For those wondering, XRP is also closely associated with XRP Ledger, which is the issuer of the XRP token. 

Ripple is also in a highly publicized legal conflict with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, but the country has also provided quite a few challenges as well.