RUNE Has Been On A Rise Along With Other Altcoins


VORTECS had quite an interesting week as they were able to inform their subscribers about the movement of several altcoins like RUNE, DOGE, and others that were climbing up the ladder. Interestingly, they were able to glean this knowledge way before the other analysts in the market could. 

RUNE analysis

The values of VORTECS recorded by RUNE were pretty high during the downward price movement which hinted towards $10.67. Just 26 hours later, the price started climbing once again, to reach a point of $16.46. The improvement by around 54% was quite commendable considering the moment when analysts were able to detect the first green score. 

Accordingly, Cointelegraph Markets has decided to keep tracking the live-tested strategies of 42 such altcoins using their own methods of analysis. The strategies used to detect the movement of RUNE and other cryptocurrencies are based on features such as time-based, or score-based. Interestingly, this strategy has had an ROI of around 1,837$ since the 5th of January- which is quite comparable to the ROI of Bitcoin- 87%, along with a basketful of altcoins (ROI of 470%) in quite the same period of time. 

Needless to say, every strategy has its pitfalls. While measuring the movement of RUNE, the strategies which focused on entrance points usually underperformed when the entry point was 90 rather than 80- which simply illustrates that even algorithms that are extremely advanced might just be a dud a few times.

At the same time, DOGE coin put in a spectacular performance in the past week. It broke through ATH after ATH. However, recently it slumped for a bit before being corrected to $0.110. XRP, as well, maintained its comeback which is nothing short of glorious. On 12th April, it had settled at about $1.37 before surging upwards to $1.93.