Samsung Discards Accessories From Future Devices


Samsung’s future blueprint includes excluding its earbuds, chargers, and charging bricks. The company stated that if these accessories are gotten rid of eventually, it could help make these smartphones more sustainable. This doesn’t imply that all of its Galaxy devices would come with no accessories at all. Some of the devices may still include the charger in their cell-phones a little longer. 

But Samsung doesn’t seem in line with Apple, who pulled its plugs from their existing devices from the market. The South Korean tech giant also still has several of its devices like Note 10, and 20 still have their chargers and their plugs. 

Reasons For Samsung Pulling Out The Plugs

It is said that Samsung may keep its charging wires and blocks in its smaller and cheaper devices. Why? It’s not sure. While the older devices that would be shipped by the firm would not have all its previous accessories, it may seem odd. But the idea also has to do with the company not recreating all the old boxes. It is more of a shift from the old and odd. It seems a little out of context, but it is Samsung’s choice. And the implementation will definitely work out, even if it takes its sweet time. 

Samsung spoke about their decision, saying that they observed several of their users were using accessories from their previous devices. This sustainable use of the accessories of the Galaxy smartphones has pushed their idea to discard production of some of its future and present devices. The larger goal is to practice the art of sustainable consumption, addressing issues regarding it. 

They also commented that they have been using the C-type USB cables for the past three years now. Hence, older chargers and earbuds could be plugged into newer devices of the Galaxy series.