Samsung Has Unveiled Its New Galaxy S22 At Metaverse Event


Samsung recently went on to unveil its new range of the Galaxy S22 premium smartphones at the Decentraland metaverse. Over 100,000 users were in attendance for the “Samsung Unpacked 2022: The Epic Standard of Smartphone Experiences” event in the first 11 hours of the event since it came about on Wednesday.

Incidentally, the event also made it one of the most experienced destinations of Decentraland to this day. The multinational electronics company from South Korea went on to showcase the new smartphone range- Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and the S22 Ultra on a screen in the Samsung 837X space’s Connectivity Theatre.

Samsung Experiences Glitches At New Metaverse Event 

This allowed the users to theoretically preorder the new products by clicking on the icon that sent the user to the website of Samsung. However, trouble arose when technical issues plagued the feature- with many users taking to the official Twitter handle of the company to complain. One of the users complained that the site crashed even before they could place their order in the cart. And it would seem that most of the users were going through the same problem. 

Several other fans of Samsung went on to complain that they were not being able to collect the NFT badge reward for completing the Turning Red Hearts Green treasure hunt game. The quest has been set over a period of five days- finally culminating on Monday. When the user enters the metaverse space, a hologram asks the users to first find and then collect five discarded cardboard boxes to receive their gift. The gift, apparently, is a seed to plant in the virtual forest of the company- one that would highlight the company’s focus on sustainability. 

Nevertheless, most of the users were quite pleased with the efforts of Samsung to embrace both sustainability and the burgeoning immersive technology- despite a few failures.