All You Need To Know About The Sandbox’s First Public Land Sale


After much wait The Sandbox has made the announcement of its first public land sale scheduled in February. The online blockchain focused game will be selling out its in-game plots, called LAND on the scheduled date of February 11.

Prior to this public sale, the game had several land presales where all the presale offerings were sold-off. Gamers wanting to lay their hands on LAND prior to the release of the Ethereum-based blockchain game had collected their share during these sales. The presale raised approximately 3,300 ETH and the public sale scheduled in February is a highly anticipated one.

Several analysts are of the opinion that with the coronavirus pandemic and unstable nature of the market and the economy, virtual real estate has become a lucrative idea to many than the real thing.

CoinMarketCap Collab To Promote The Sandbox Game

According to the official tweet from The Sandbox gaming group, the first public LAND sale will comprise 1,200 separate plots of LAND premium that will be marked at 4,683 SAND per plot which is about $435 according to this metric. The sale will also include auctions for exclusive Estates and plots with multiple LAND. The highest bidder in such a case will be able to possess (6×6) seven plots and(12×12) two plots.

This is the first game of its kind and has been promoted with much intrigue. Pixowl Developer has collaborated with Animoca Publisher to promote the presale and the first public sale of The Sandbox.  They also partnered with CoinMarketCap, a cryptocurrency market analyst to promote this special blockchain game.

Other latest news on the subject suggest that The Sandbox will include CoinMarketCap inspired “heroes” in few of the LAND plots. Gamers who will buy the Premium LAND parcels will get two such “heroes”. These heroes are the ones that were created by CoinMarketCap during the promotion and branding of this popular game.