Blockchain-Based Electronic Wallets For Services Of The Government Are Approved By A Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz will launch a trial program this year in July after voting to legalize the utilization of an electronic wallet that is blockchain-based for official paperwork and services provided by the government.

A few of the most recent governments to implement and use chain-based solutions is the region of Santa Cruz. 

Santa Cruz Community Accepts Electronic Wallets For Government Jobs

The County Board of Santa Cruz Supervisors unanimously resolved to move forward with introducing the usage of online wallets for official documentation as well as governmental services reasons at a meeting held on April 25. The white-labeled items electronic wallet operated by Humbl would begin a four-stage trial program in July this year, according to the meeting’s final decision. Mobile users who want to use government services like bicycle certification and RV driveways registration will be the beta participants during the pilot phases. Other possible pilot projects include recording volunteer hours, registering park facilities, and issuing building permits. Zach Friend who has been a supervisor of the County of Santa and is involved in the matter, said that they believe that digitizing documents on paper and other services is a valuable step toward improving equality and accessibility for the community and the everyday lives of the residents of Santa Cruz.”

The county intends to produce an official document and a strategy to open out no sooner than September this year after a successful test. 

The board of Santa Cruz Supervisors worked with Humbl to develop the electronic pocket technology infrastructure required to launch a program, and as a result, the initiative started to take shape in April 2022.  Local citizens’ concerns were exposed in a conversation thread on the county website, even though local officers are moving ahead with the strategies for an online wallet.

One of these commenters, Becky Seinbruner, requested to “stop further development” on the advancements of the electronic wallet. Steinbrenner expressed worries about the provider of the infrastructure of Humbl’s “improper use of individual data.”