Sarah Brady Has Claimed That Jonah Hill Was Mentally Abusive

Sarah Brady

Sarah Brady, the ex of Jonah Hill, has started speaking out about their former relationship- where she alleged that the actor was quite emotionally abusive throughout their time together. In a series of stories posted on Instagram, the surf instructor put up multiple screenshots of alleged text messages between herself and the actor.

Sarah Brady wrote that this was a warning to all women who were dating and that if their partner was talking to them like Hill did in the messages, they should immediately start making an exit plan. She also highlighted messages where Hill had asked her to take down any and all pictures of her surfing where her “a** was in a thong”.  

Sarah Brady Put Up Screenshots Where She Claimed The Star Had Mentally Abused Her

Interestingly, Sarah Brady did confide in Jonah Hill that she had, indeed, deleted all the posts, but then the star of Superbad told her that it was a good start, but she didn’t really understand his point. Then Hill reportedly wrote that it was not his place to teach her about boundaries, and if that made her happy with her boundaries in life, he was happy for her. In another screenshot that Brady put up, Hill had reportedly texted her saying that if Brady wanted to model, surf with men, or post pictures of herself in a bathing suit, and post sexual pictures, then he was definitely not the right person for her. 

In a follow-up post, Jonah Hill’s ex wrote that she struggles with mental health as well- but never made it a weapon with which to control people. She further added that it had been an entire year of growth and healing with the help of doctors and loved ones, in order to get back to living their life without shame, guilt, and self-judgment for little things like surfing in a swimsuit and not rather conservative swimsuit.