Satoshi Bitcoin Code Claimed Found After Long Lost


Jim Blasko, a Bitcoiner, has recently made the claim that he has managed to retrieve Satoshi Bitcoin Code that was considered to be lost a long time ago. Blasko claimed to have recovered raw files and data from v0.1 BTC that consists of notations. Being a crypto fanatic, he managed to hack into the officially earliest known Satoshi Bitcoin Code that was first uploaded in 2009 August. 

Reclaimed Satoshi Bitcoin Code 

Blasko made a Facebook post on 7th October mentioning that he found Satoshi’s Bitcoin Code using the software development of an open-source platform named SourceForge. Satoshi BTC Code had been registered in 2008 November. He further added that the BTC creator took 6 months to mine one million coins. This is due to the reason that 20,000 blocks failed to come till 22nd July 2009. 

Blasko’s FB post stated that this specific upload had been considered to be lost forever for the past 10 years. On the other hand, he did some research on old coins and hacked SourceForge to ultimately lay his hands on the lost BTC v0.1 files and data. 

Lost And Found BTC 

Blasko said that Satoshi BTC Code had been thought lost since 2012 along with all its raw files and data. The search engine named SourceForge was scraped of all information but he dug out the actual code. 

Moreover, he also provided 2 links to SourceForge that include personal Satoshi notations with comments. The remarks mentioned the reason for the base-58 BTC usage rather than base-64 standard encoding. The notation also questioned that future errors and their probable solutions. 

Genesis Block is the first-known BTC block that had been mined on 3rd January 2009 after Satoshi launched the white paper on cryptocurrency in 2008. The identity of Satoshi continues to offer speculation sources to millions of users.