SBF Will Not Be Testifying On The 13th Of December


The former CEO of FTX, SBF, has already signaled that he would be pretty unwilling to testify before Congress until he has a complete grasp on the entire matter.

Sam Bankman-Fried had responded to a tweet on the 2nd of December from US Representative Maxine Waters where he invited them to testify in a US House Committee on a Financial Services hearing on the 13th of December to discuss the event with the bankrupt company. In a Twitter response on the 4th of December, the former CEO of FTX stated that he felt it was his duty to appear before the committee where he would be explaining- but only after he had the full knowledge of what had actually transpired. He also added that he didn’t really think he would be fully attuned to the past by the 13th of December. 

SBF Is Hesitant To Give Testimony Before Congress On The 13th of December

Some of the users in the community did point out that the response of SBF wasn’t in line with the actions that he took recently. These included being a part of several interviews over mass media and putting up endless tweets as to the possible reasons behind the fall of the exchange in November. Jake Chervinsky, the Head of Policy for the Blockchain Association and a US Attorney suggested to his followers on Twitter that Bankman-Fried did not want to be a part of the hearing on the 13th of December, for lying under oath would be quite fatal to his career. 

Quite recently, SBF was questioned by Coffeezilla in an interview that took place over Twitter Spaces on the 3rd of December- where the ex-CEO ended up leaving the interview within 20 minutes. Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, also went on to mention that the narrative that SBF had been purporting was quite naive- and not even the most gullible person would believe it to be true.