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Saturday, November 28, 2020

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  • Japan is a booming cryptocurrency marketplace and introducing XRP as a payment method will bolster its growth.
  • Esports will conduct monthly payments in the fourth largest cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP).
  • Such an announcement indicates a mainstream adoption and other firms will likely look into adding XRP.

It is not the first time that a firm has decided to pay its players in a cryptocurrency. Previously, we saw that Gibraltar announced to pay its football in cryptocurrencies. For now, esports gaming Company operating in Japan plans to pay its players in Ripple (XRP).

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Most likely, the stunt will provide significance to XRP/USD and may even encourage other companies to include digital assets as a payment method.

SBI esports adds Ripple amid a sponsorship deal

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The news comes after esports, Japanese gaming giant was offered a sponsorship deal from a venture capital company known as VC Trade.

Esports Japan is the subsidiary of SBI Group, a Japanese financial services conglomerate. Moreover, the company tends to make an impact on key players that already trade digital assets.

The official announcement further suggests most of the esports gamers are quite active in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. So, this step will surely strengthen its presence among such players. However, few experts believe that not every gamer is a full-time cryptocurrency trader and now every trader is a good gamer.

Interestingly, SBI esports is a partner of Ripple, and the sponsorship deal with VC Trade is another way to expand its profile on the blockchain space. SBI esports aims to build a healthy customer-centered market place with enhanced prices and higher liquidity.

Final thoughts

At the time of writing, XRP is hovering in the green zone with bulls driving its price upward and holds a significant market capitalisation. Last year, Ripple announced a $100 million fund to promote game developers through its game-oriented platform Forte.

The latest development will perhaps add up to boosting Ripple’s growth. It is the best investment opportunity to buy Ripple XRP as its price is about to skyrocket.

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