SharkBot Malware Resurfaces on Google App Store


SharkBot malware has resurfaced on the Google App Store. The app, called “CryptoMonitor,” was removed from the store after it was discovered that it was malware.

If you have downloaded this app, we advise that you delete it immediately and change your passwords for any accounts that may be compromised as a result of this attack.

You may have heard of the SharkBot malware before. It made headlines a few months back when it was discovered that the malware was using Twitter to spread to new victims.

But now it’s back, and this time it’s targeting users of the Google App Store. SharkBot is a type of ransomware that encrypts your files and then demands a ransom payment in order to decrypt them.

SharkBot Malware Comes Back 

So far, the malware has been able to infect devices by posing as a legitimate app on Google Play. And once it’s installed, it starts encrypting the files immediately. So be careful when downloading apps from Google Play—make sure you’re only downloading from trusted sources.

This nasty piece of software first gains access to your device by disguising itself as an app that you might want to download, like a game or utility.

Once it’s installed, SharkBot starts to steal your data. It can grab passwords, account numbers and credit card details, as well as photos and videos. And it can do all this without you even knowing it.

The reason this malware is so dangerous is because it’s very hard to detect. SharkBot has been designed specifically to avoid all the usual security measures that you might have in place on your device. So unless you’re using special anti-virus software, you’re not going to know that it’s there.