Solana Has Faced A Massive Slowdown In Its Block Production

Solana Labs

It has been well-known that the network of Solana recently faced a slowdown in its block production on the 25th of February, which followed an upgrade in the software responsible for validation. The incident resulted in multiple disruptions to transactions- leading the validators to keep downgrading the software in their attempt to restore the performance of the network.

This issue in the technology started at around 6.00 am UTC, which further lead the validators to keep downgrading the version in order to restore the transactions in the network. This downgrade, however, was not nearly enough to restore the blockchain to its previous operations, which then resulted in the network getting restarted yet again. 

Solana Has Had To Restart Its Operations Due To A Technical Problem

The compass website of Solana noted that the network had experienced quite a massive slowdown in the block production that also coincided with an upgrade to the validator software. This resulted in the engineers to start conduction root cause analysis. This issue has been linked to the upgrade from 1.13 to 1.14- which has also slowed down the block finalization. The network of Solana has also started restarting, with close to 80% of the active validators being online- which is necessary for the network to begin operations. 

The validators of Solana also managed to bring out a solution to this incident in the hours that followed this issue. Chorus One, the provider of infrastructure also noted in a Twitter update that this incident greatly demonstrated how truly the network was decentralized. For those who are unaware, SOL is a layer-1 blockchain that is also open-source. The third-generation network architecture that it uses is designed to completely facilitate smart contracts, as well as a decentralized application creation.