Solana Spaces Aims For More Physical Interaction


Solana Spaces is one of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency market at the moment. They have been one of the most important companies in the market and are responsible for invoking the interest of many people in investing in crypto. The company has dreamt of going a step further to provide for more physical interaction. They have set up a new store that operates in a completely offline mode.

The newly built shop invited almost four hundred people and introduced them to the world of crypto. They have already stated that more such online stores will be opened across the United States Of America. The recent days have not been a good one for the crypto market. Almost every company has been suffering from a substantial amount of losses. Even big companies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen their prices reaching new levels of lows.

Such a disastrous trend has made investors very much skeptical about investing in the crypto world. Most of them are already planning to withdraw their money as they cannot trust the future of cryptocurrencies. At such a time, the initiative of Solana Spaces to open offline stores is a commendable feat to achieve. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Solana Spaces Aim For 100k 

Solana Spaces has been looking to increase the engagement of the people with cryptocurrencies. They have decided to open a number of offline crypto stores so that people can come in and know more about the crypto market in detail. The newest store that they have opened has a target of 100k in their mind. 

The CEO of Solana Spaces, Vibhu Norby, stated that almost 100000 people would be introduced to the crypto world every month. This would remove the barriers that exist at the moment due to the fully digital operation of cryptocurrencies.