Sony Reveals Final Fantasy 16 At Their Exclusive PS5 Event


During its exclusive PS5 showcase event, Sony gave its fans a pleasant surprise by revealing its latest Japanese RPG, Final Fantasy 16. The trailer for the game kicked off the event, and by the looks of it, it seems like the game will be a next-gen only title. 

Let’s Go Into The Details Of Final Fantasy 16

The trailer of the game revealed some of its fantasy and combat elements. 

Gamers, your character will be Joshua, the bodyguard who’s the Archduke’s son. The region of the game will be under Joshua’s father. The game will progress as dangers come to your region because some kind of blight is trying to take hold of your region. 

The combat revealed by the game trailer at Sony’s PS5 event tells us that it takes inspiration from the Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XV. The Final Fantasy VII Remake was released earlier on Sony’s PS4. It looks like Song is keeping up the tradition with PS5. 

However, the new Final Fantasy 16 looks quite similar to the Game of Thrones fantasy world. Many fans noticed that it has quite a lot of similarities with Vagrant Story, 1-era RPG, Square’s PlayStation. It also looks like there will be more one to one combat in this Final Fantasy 16 game. The game’s system, however, is still to be revealed. 

Another exciting detail about Final Fantasy 16 is that its director is Hiroshi Takai. Takai’s previous works include The Remnant and Romancing SaGa. Naoki Yoshida, director of Final Fantasy 14, will be producing this game. 

It looks like Song has several other surprises up its sleeve besides PS5 and Final Fantasy 16. It’s been reported that Sony is also working in some follow-up games. 

Final Fantasy 16 Exclusive On PS5

Sony hasn’t revealed Final Fantasy 16’s release date. However, representatives from the company said that it will be exclusive for its console PS5. This means that whenever it comes out, it won’t be available in Series S or Xbox Series x, at least in the beginning. Rumors suggest that the game will be released somewhere next year. 

PC gamers, it might take longer for you to play this game. Remember when Final Fantasy 15 took nearly 2 years to come on PC? 

On a good note, we might be seeing several past characters reappear in this game. Some of them include Ifrit, Phoenix, and Shiva. 

Sony’s PS5, on the other hand, has begun its preorder. Reports from several retailers tell us that even the preorders were sold out within minutes. 

U.S, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Mexico markets saw Sony’s latest PS5 on 12th November. 

Sony PS5 costs $499.99 and the digital-only edition comes for $399.99.