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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Sorare Ties With ‘Free to Play’ Game Chased By Ubisoft

The free-to-play cryptocurrency game that is based on the Jupiler Pro-League in Belgium has recently collaborated with Sorare which is backed by Ethereum and successfully managed to raise a whopping $50 million.

Sorare is a fantasy football game that is supported by Ethereum and has concluded in the month of February after they made a public announcement of funding of $50 million for their Series A round.

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As of now, they have made another significant move at the beginning of March by launching One-Shot League that is a ‘free to play’ spinoff. This game was created by tying up with Ubisoft which is a gaming giant.

Sorare Spinoff Ties With Ubisoft

The One-Shot League has been made available for playing from today itself and functions as an on-ramp for the most amazing and important Sorare experience that has almost 100 teams who are officially licensed along with leagues across the world.

The players must have ab active Sorare account that will allow using premium digital cards that are NFTs for the purpose of participating in leagues in order to acquire a special enhancement in their ‘free-to-play’ game.

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This game is similar to the game due to the reason that this fantasy soccer that allows players to use virtual cards is based on the actual professional soccer players. In addition, this game is being introduced preliminarily with the license of Jupiler Pro-League from Belgium that has nearly 5 match weeks remaining in the ongoing season.

Bloomberg has reported that Sorare witnessed card sales worth approximately $6.5 million in the month of February. A Kylian Mbappe based card was sold for nearly $65,000.

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