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Stimulus Check In California: Eligibility & More

A stimulus check was signed by Governor Gavin Newsom that will be dispatched to the residents of California in millions. But here is what you can know when it comes to the newly signed check. You can know your eligibility, as well as the speed of its entry into your bank account. The entire nation is on the wait to know about the approval by Congress for the third stimulus check. The price allowed with it would be 1400 dollars for each qualified person. 

But at this point, millions of Californians are about to receive a 600 dollars extra payment from their government. In the past week, the Governor of the State, Gavin Newsom, signed a bill. The bill was the COVID-19 relief package— with a standing worth of 7.6 billion dollars. This means several residents are currently eligible for 600 dollars stimulus checks. But this amount will come topping the nationwide relief fund by President Joe Biden, of about 1.9 trillion dollars. 

Are You Eligible For The California Stimulus Check?

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California has over 40 million residents. And one may wonder if one is eligible for those checks. You are eligible if you qualify for any one of the following:

  1. If you have qualified for 2020 tax returns in Earned Income Tax Credit. 
  2. You are a recipient of SSI/SSP. 
  3. You are a recipient of the Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants, also known as CAPI. 

4. Unlike last time, this time residents with their ITINs or Individual Tax Identification Numbers. This is opposed to those who did not receive the first stimulus check from the federal government, with Social Security Numbers. This agreement will provide 600 dollars to households in payments. 

But only if you have an ITIN and below 75,000 dollars income.

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