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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Stimulus Check For Third Time: 1400 Dollars Check

A ray of hope for a new, third round of stimulus checks is swirling around. This comes from President Joe Biden’s proposal of the 1.9 trillion dollar relief plan of the coronavirus. The plan, as said last week, will move forward, which has ignited these hopes. On Saturday, in the early house, the bill was passed. And now, the bill will move ahead to the Senate. Following the votes, Joe Biden gave his opinions on it. He said that he was hoping for even more “quick action” by the senators about the spending package. 

This stimulus check package is being dubbed the American Rescue Plan. He also added that there was “no time” left to waste. If they act now, “boldly,” “quickly,” and “decisively,” they could “get ahead of this virus.” He noted that if the bill is passed by the Senators, the economy could go ahead and move. The people of America “have suffered” for “too long.” He then ended his comment by saying that the American Rescue Plan will help relieve the suffering. 

Stimulus Check Measure By Senate

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The stimulus check measure may likely be taken under action within the week. And it will have to take care of a couple of things that were out of place during the negotiations. And the most talked-about one is the 15 dollar minimum wage ruling per hour. This was proposed by the Biden administration and was to go into effect in 2025. The Senate announced that the bill of a rise in minimum wage could not be lifted ahead. 

There was a proposed “Plan B.” It was to begin taxing giant corporations that do not pay below a specific amount. But this plan is now no longer on the table. This was reported by a Democrat to CBS.

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