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SpaceX Starship Tested Three Times On One Day

SpaceX tested their newest prototype of their starship. The test was fired not once, not twice, but rather three times within just four hours. Following the three tests, Elon Musk stated that the tests were successful with no major issue. 

The three tests were carried out in such a short span, and it is nothing less than impressive. If anything, it points out our dream of soon stepping over interstellar grounds. Elon further mentioned this dream, aiming to achieve what many haven’t, “hop in and go” on the red planet, Mars. Although such dreams still seem imaginary and far away from our reality in the future, it seems we may just be able to get to it. SpaceX seems ready. 

SpaceX’s Starship:

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The company’s starship is called SN9. Following the unsuccessful landing by its predecessor, SN8, SN9 stands in the line of an eager flight. The other reason for its eagerness could be that the prototype of its further evolution, SN10 is close to being ready. 

The Federal Aviation Administration has given the giant its approval to launch their vehicle on either Thursday to Friday. The vehicle is already set on a stand, waiting to be launched in Texas. SpaceX seems ready for its flight on Thursday. But there are several concerns of winds on the upper-level that may be hostile. This structure of the air could last till Saturday. 

Sources and researchers report SpaceX is set to send both of its spaceships before January ends, citing it has a lot more in store. 

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The technical-giant also has other plans to present the capability of its spaceships in an orbital flight. The orbital design is said to take place in 2021, as confirmed in an interview of Gwynne Shotwell, the COO and President of SpaceX. 

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