Samsung’s New Smart-Devices Indicates A Glimpse Of What It Has For The Future


Samsung is reported to introduce their brand new smartphones on 14th January 2021. Several analysts have sourced in their opinions on their latest launch. This launch program is set to let the world put their eyes on the electronic giant company’s “trophy” products. 

The announcement may happen in order to succeed the firm’s previous S20 smartphones. In line, we may get to see S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra. The launch comes as a question, considering Samsung has always introduced its products during the Mobile World Congress, either in February or March. 

Reasons For Samsung’s Early Launch:

Last year Huawei overtook Samsung as the largest cell-phone maker in the world. Although that success was short-lived, Xiaomi took steps further by introducing its smartphones in several European countries. This even overtook Huawei’s efforts, using excessive efforts and heavy promotional campaigns. 

But Samsung does differ, and perhaps outdoes its competitors with an edgy fold. It is also putting its bets on the foldable technology of the new devices in its second run. Its newer smartphones are also rumored to have folding features, releasing in the other quarter of 2021. 

While these newer devices can bend into half, open into a whole screen, Samsung confirms that they are figuring out ways to reduce the worth of the tags compared to its present products. Jack Ma said of the launch that they were simply taking advantage of Huawei’s struggles and going forward to create a better market for their own. 

The Galaxy S Series is unlike what the South Korean company has ever introduced. However, researchers say that it may not help as much for the tech giant’s stock values. The reason being, as the leading achiever of profits for the firm, is not their smart devices, but their production of chips that help run these smart devices.