Spirit Airlines Stock Shows Signs Of Recovery With Quarter 3 Reports

spirit airlines stock
spirit airlines stock

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a lot of stress on the stock market. Spirit Airplane had lost a lot of money due to the pandemic like many other businesses. This was mostly because the passengers would now avoid traveling. Therefore, Spirit Airlines stock continued to burn cash to sustain itself. Even though things were going down the south for most businesses, Spirit Airlines managed to keep itself afloat during the lockdown due to the pandemic. It can be estimated that the airlines would return their profit, unlike its competitors. 

It is reported that 138.5 million dollars of revenue was generated by Spirit Airlines. This came to be because Spirit Airlines’ demand fell as they increased their prices. So, they started catering to basic amenities for their business. There seemed to be a loss of 1.18 per share dollar as registered under GAAP. Whereas, the non-GAAP loss of share was around 3.59 dollars each share. However, after the Memorial Day weekend, people started booking more flight tickets. Most people were interested in the cheap flight tickets for their traveling in summer. 

The blow came into being when the covid cases took a steep turn around the mid of June. The airlines had to again burn their cash rapidly. The Spirit Airlines stock burnt cash of around 3 million dollars to 4 million dollars on average. The airlines had to burn 1.5 million dollars to 9.5 million dollars, had now been burning more cash. The stock therefore had been suffering. There was no demand for Spirit Airlines till the middle of August. After around August, the Spirit Airlines stock started recovering due to demand. This helped the airlines to recover by a quarterly improvement of 401.9 million dollars by a 33 percent reduction in the year-over-year capacity.

The Airlines also took a great shot at reducing its spending to a great deal, unlike its management had predicted. This was beneficial in decreasing loss amounts. The GAAP net loss turned out to be just 1.07 dollars per share while the non-GAAP loss was about the amount of 2.32 each share. Apart from this, the cash burn stuck to 2.3 million quarterly, on an average. The Spirit Airlines Stock was therefore doing far better than its rival airline firms. 

It is safe to say that the improvement of the Spirit Airlines stock is still on the go. Spirit Airlines has been reported to have been using the minimal cost structure to combat the loss suffered due to the pandemic. Even though there has been a substantial improvement in the passenger demands over August, it is still not as hefty as it was before the pandemic. It is said that, as of now, the pain of shareholders will still last until there is a permanent solution to the pandemic. Spirit Airline’s stock has about 98 million stock shares that are still on standby. Even though the Airlines have started recovering, it might take a while for stockholders to get their returns, let alone profits.