Sports Illustrated Introduces An NFT Ticketing Platform Built On Polygon

Sports Illustrated

Planners of events will be able to issue commemorating non-fungible tickets with pre-attendance as well as post-event spectator incentives using SI’s new “Box Office” features. The platform of “Box Office”, an online event administration including a primary ticketing system that is driven by the Polygon blockchain technology, was introduced on 2nd May by Sports Illustrated ticketing division SI Tickets. Box Office, developed in partnership with the Web3 software company ConsenSys, gives hosts, owners, and organizers the capacity to organize, oversee and advertise a fully adaptable, paid or unpaid ticketed live sporting activity.

Sports Illustrated Tickets plus ConsenSys are working together to create the “Super Ticket” as a component of the fresh platform, allowing hosts to stay in contact with their customers through the key points, groups, special offers, and loyal advantages via the use of NFT technology. The Blockchain is the next generation of tickets, according to David Lane, CEO of SI Tickets. With their marketplace for global, they upend the basic ticket market.

Various Offers Of Sports Illustrated Super Tickets

Before the event, participants can use Super Ticket to verify their NFTs in exchange for accelerated entrance credentials, drink vouchers, and music downloading. They can also use Super Ticket to access post-event clip materials and rewards. The new website promises event organizers that attendees will always keep the tickets in their own digital wallets.

Since its inception in June of 2021, SI Tickets has increased its market capacity by more than $2.5 billion. The site states that it never charges transaction fees for any transactions and promises a full refund in the event of an event cancellation. Box Office announced that each ticket would cost $1.40 and carry a 3% commission fee in addition to three percent when merchants charge for organizers of events.