Star Trek: Discovery – An Instant Fan-Favorite, Goes Where No Star Trek Has Gone Before

Star Trek: Discovery
Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery is said to continue the legacy of one of Sci-Fi’s boldest and best franchises but in a new way; in a way that no other Star Trek has done before.

Within the span of 20 years, that is how long star trek has been there among us, this is for the first time that we get to watch multiple star trek shows simultaneously. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can pick out Next Generation’s series sequel called Picard. You can also go for Lower Decks if you’re looking to chill or some humor.

Star Trek: Discovery Set In An Era Like Never Before

Star Trek: Discovery beats them all. It actually goes where no man has gone before. This might feel like an exaggeration to star trek fans but Star Trek: Discovery goes really close. The series’ third season opens with a break from the 23rd century. Also note that you can start from there as well. You don’t need to familiarize yourself with the entire story of star trek before you delve into the series. You can simply enjoy the third season without prior hassle.

Star Trek: Discovery
Star Trek: Discovery

If you’ve watched season 2, then you’re already familiar that it ends with the crew of the USS Discovery leaping forward 950 years into the future. So, from the 23rd Century, they find themselves landed in the 32nd Century. No Star Trek series has ever been set in this era. Some fans are also calling this show the franchise vanguard as along with the interesting setting, the ship and the cast has also been erased from the recorded history.

Star Trek: Discovery tells a new story. It tries in many ways to sever ties with its past history, the complicated narrative and goes beyond that into an era and realm that deals with the ‘new’ interestingly.

Star Trek Remastered In Discovery

The Star Trek: Discovery begins with Commander Michael Burnham, the protagonist, diving into a wormhole in a time-travel suit with the ship, Discovery and the crew following.

You can catch the premiere season on CBS All Access now. The commander arrives at the 32nd century but doesn’t know when the rest of the crew or the ship will arrive or whether they will at all. With the interesting combination of adventures in the Star Trek: Discovery, it doesn’t stop at smooth narration. This series is always on the lookout of answers to great metaphysical and philosophical questions in life like how do you hold on to certain values when you’re the only person who holds them and so on.

It’s time to see whether Star Trek: Discovery holds onto these in its later episodes but for now, this Sci-Fi rendition is everything we’re looking for.