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Looking For A Way To Start Sustainable Urban Gardening? It’s Time To PICO

Often we think about the harm done to our environment and wish for ways we could play our part in safeguarding it. Sometimes we pledge our support in several environment-related projects. Sometimes we share our concerns over social media, but now is the time to do more. With PICO, you don’t have to wait anymore. Now, you can build a small farm of your own with limited resources that fit in your palm.

The best thing about PICO is that it doesn’t demand much of your time and effort. You can play a small part in preserving nature with minimum resources and at minimum cost. This self-watering, self-lit product comes at only $6 for a single piece.

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Busy with work? PICO makes plant-parenting easier for you. As someone who is working, it’s a great relief to know that your plants are now in good hands.

PICO Uses The Latest Technology


To put it simply, PICO is like your plant buddy. It not only takes care of your plant but also grows with it. This product uses the latest technology to understand the needs of your plant and provides for them. If you are thinking of starting a small urban garden of your own, this is the right place to start. 

Once I got to explore this product, I came to know that it comes with telescopic LED growth lights. Most apartments don’t have the optimum amount of light required to boost your plant’s health. Especially plants that are dependent on direct sunlight can be difficult to grow indoors. You can’t carry sunlight around but you can surely shift your plant to a PICO pot whose multi-spectrum LED lights will help your plant grow.

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The next best thing is that you don’t even have to water your plants daily. PICO will do it for you. Fill up the pot once a week and your planting companion will water the plants regularly. Say goodbye to the days when you get back home to see your plant dead as you forgot to water it.

Plant Your PICO Pot With These 3 Easy Steps

Indoor plants have a positive impact on your health, concentration, motivation, and so on. It can reduce depression and anger in you. Now, you can grow anything you like in your PICO pot.

First, choose which pot you want to get. PICO is available in 4 different colors. You can also buy a set of 3 or 4 which you can power at the same time using a Type-C USB cable that comes with the pack.

Secondly, set your plant and fill the transparent water tank. Also, you can place it anywhere you like. Now, you are all set as the third step is to let your plant grow.

This pot doesn’t take up much of your space as you can stick it on a wall or a door or even your fridge. Want herbs before your morning tea? You don’t even have to get out of your kitchen to fetch some fresh herbs. Get your PICO pot now.

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