Stimulus Check Update- States To Issue Direct Payments Of Around $1,700

stimulus checks
Stimulus Checks

With the rate of inflation still pretty high, millions of American citizens could be expected to see some major stimulus check relief this August.

As it stands, states throughout the nation have been issuing residents financial assistance in the form of either direct payments or checks. Quite recently, states like New Mexico and Connecticut have also brought out one-time payments that would be issued sometime in the month of August. Some have specifically been using their surplus while others have been offering up these payments as a major tax rebate. Also, close to 17 states have also offered up tax holidays where they would be temporarily suspending all the local and state sales taxes that have been paid by consumers for items such as gas, school supplies, or even food. 

Stimulus Check To Be Issued By States

In the state of Illinois, residents would be able to apply every single month for gas card funds and transit. The deadline to apply for the next stimulus check sum of $150 was on the 1st of August. In order to apply for this payment, one needs to be a resident of Chicago, and also be at least 18 years old. They also need to have a valid and current city sticker with the correct mailing information for their vehicle. Incidentally, applicants will also have to see that their income is 100% below the area median income for the state.  

In the state of Hawaii, thousands of residents will be set to receive a one-time stimulus check refund at the end of August. Those who have been making less than a sum of $100,000 annually will be receiving a rebate of $300. If this goes over the threshold, but still sticks below $200,000, they will be receiving a sum of $100.