Still No Sign Of The Stimulus Check? You Can Get Help Here

stimulus check
stimulus check

Millions of American families and individuals are eligible for government relief money via stimulus checks and a monthly CTC payment. But a large number have been kept waiting for the stimulus checks. Others may be missing out on the CTC payments because the signing-up procedure is unknown to them.

The IRS Is Raising Awareness About The Stimulus Checks

To address the issue, the IRS has been organizing live events across 12 cities aiming to help families and individuals who are usually non-filers. The events took place on 10th July, Saturday, and 9th July, Friday.

Biden’s American Rescue Plan that Congress passed in March had included a third round of stimulus checks worth a maximum of $1400 for each individual. It had also included the monthly CTC payments worth a maximum of $300 each month for each child. However, certain requirements needed to be met to be eligible for them.

The offline event attendees were instructed to bring all relevant documents. This included their Tax Identification or Social Security numbers for the family, their email and mailing addresses, and their bank account details so that their payment can be via direct deposits.

If you have missed out, then do not worry. The IRS is organizing more such live events that will aid people in registering the required information for the CTC and normal stimulus checks.

But online help is available as well, for those who cannot attend the events physically. A new sign-up non-filer web tool has been created by the IRS. It will enable families and individuals to register their information with the IRS so that they can get the CTC checks. This tool will also let individuals submit their information for the $1400 third stimulus check. You can also get the first two checks’ recovery rebate credit through it.