Stimulus Check: 10 States To Send Out Payments

Stimulus Check Disability Benefit
Stimulus Check

As prices of daily essentials are still high, many states in America are continuing with the stimulus check payments to help their residents who are struggling with the high expenses trying to make ends meet.

Residents of states like Hawaii, Virginia, and California may receive a little more. Each state has laid out its eligibility criteria, if you do meet the eligibility requirement you will receive the stimulus check payment this October onwards.

Stimulus Check Payments In Different States

California: More than 23 M residents of California are expected to receive stimulus check payments from the state, starting from October to the first month of 2023. The payment will either be directly deposited into their account or by state-issued debit cards. The stimulus check could be between USD 200 to USD 1050, depending on the income and residency status. The earned income should be less than USD 250000 for individual filers and less than USD 500000 for couples.

Delaware: Residents of Delaware who have filed tax returns for 2020 are receiving USD 300. The governor of Delaware, J. Carney approved the Delaware Relief Rebate Program. Through the legislature, married couples will receive USD 600.

Florida: During the summer Gov. R. DeSantis made an announcement that 60K families residing in the state would receive a one-time payment of USD 450 to every child to help combat the inflation. Families participating in other programs like Assistance for Need and Guardianship Assistance are also eligible. The payments shall be mailed directly to the intended recipients.

Georgia: few residents of Georgia are still receiving stimulus checks of up to USD 250 for individual filers, up to USD 375 for heads of Household, or up to USD 500 for couples. Governor Kemp says most of the checks were mailed out in Aug. It would take some more time to process all refunds.

Hawaii: Individuals who earned less than USD 100K and couples who earned less than USD 200K in the tax year 2021, began to receive USD300. Dependents are also eligible. A family of 4 members could receive USD 1200.

Illinois: Individuals with earned income below USD 200K in the tax year 2021 will receive USD50.  Couples with earned income of less than USD 400K shall receive USD100. USD 100 per dependant, if claimed in return can also be earned to a limit of 3 dependants. 

Maine: USD 850 stimulus check payments are to be sent to about 858K residents of Maine, who have filed their tax returns for 2021.