Stimulus Check 2 Status: Second Check Demanded By Congresswoman Within 2020

Stimulus Check 2
Stimulus Check 2

Congresswoman Cindy Axne of Iowa, who won reelection, urged Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, President Trump, and Mitch McConnel of Kentucky to quit stalling and agree on a stimulus bill by the end of this year.

Let’s see where the stimulus check 2 status is now.

In this letter, dated 5th November she explained the necessity of subsidizing utility and heating bills through the winter to save people’s lives in the state of Iowa. Now that the campaigns are over, the spread of coronavirus must be contained. Americans should be saved from job losses, homelessness, business closure, and economic insecurity.

Other Opinions On Stimulus Check 2 Status In The White House

Many GOP lawmakers have been considering bringing out a new bill post-election day. McConnell, after getting re-elected, has termed this stimulus package as “Job no. 1”.He wants to get it over by the lame-duck session of the parliament.On Friday, Nancy Pelosi urged the Republican party to agree on a solution. According to her, it is time to act on these issues and come up with a stimulus relief package.

Stimulus Check 2 Status
Stimulus Check 2 Status

It is quite difficult to give an appropriate estimation on how negotiations will influence the Stimulus Check 2 status.

GOP lawmakers are hesitant of including stimulus check 2 in the two “skinny bills” that they have suggested. They are against spending big as suggested by the House Speaker and the Treasury secretary.

Stimulus Negotiations To Restart By The End Of This Year?

Yesterday, McConnell showed vocal support for the Democrat’s priorities. However, after winning his reelection bid on Friday, he changed his track away from a big stimulus bill. He gave fast economic growth and a drop in employment as reasons for his change of stance. He is now of the opinion that spending something much less than $3 trillion would be more appropriate. Pelosi replied by saying that McConnell’s comments are not appealing to her as no steps have been taken yet to contain the virus.

According to the Post, McConnell is the favorite to take over negotiations with Pelosi. It is because of the recent face-off between Pelosi and Mnuchin after months of friendly talks. It seems that there may not be any positive vibes in the stimulus check 2 status anytime soon.

This sounds a little bit pessimistic but nothing has changed since the last week. We are back to the way things were with McConnell suggesting a small bill and Nancy Pelosi suggesting “Go big”.

The scenario is quite hopeless according to Erica Werner, reporter, Washington Post.