Stimulus Check 2 Status: What Are The Predictions With Elections Just Around The Corner?

Stimulus Check 2 Status
Stimulus Check 2 Status

The hopes to get a positive stimulus check 2 status before the presidential elections have sunk. The stimulus check round 2 was something that the whole country was looking forward to, due to the massive massacre that took place during the COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday the senators adjourned their meeting on this matter, and it’s going to take till the 9th of November for them to sit for another round of meeting to determine the fate of the stimulus check round 2. 

There has been a wide gap between the ideas of the administrative body of President Trump and the Democrats on this matter. Through a lot of struggle and fiery debates, both the parties have narrowed down on major conflicts they had over the idea of another round of stimulus checks for the people. The stimulus checks 2 status right now, says that there is a proposal for a $2 trillion fund for the package.

This will include the $1,200 stimulus checks and there will be an extension of the enhancement of the benefits of federal unemployment. There has been a significant number of protests regarding the size of the package. Many Republican Senate members have voiced their opinion against the size very fiercely. Mnuchin had said that completing the deal before the election would be very difficult, and now it is very clear that he was not wrong.

Stimulus Check 2 Status
Stimulus Check 2 Status

Stimulus Check 2 Status And The Pandemic

Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, has confirmed on Thursday that the two parties still have a major conflict of ideas regarding the stimulus check round 2. It is no new news that the common American citizens are going through a very hard time to cope up with the life-wrecking pandemic situation that has terrorized the entire world. Pelosi in her recent letter to Mnuchin  has placed several blames on the Trump government for several unresolved issues. 

Trump on the other hand has previously stated that she wants Congress to pass the bill on the stimulus before the elections on the 3rd of November. However, this has been a total turn from his earlier statement and the stimulus check 2 status. Previously Trump was seen voicing his opinion strongly on promoting more individual measures to deal with the whole pandemic situation. 

The size of the stimulus package has been the main point of conflict between the Democrats and the Republicans. The plans on different benefits that were put forward by the Republican administration did not include anything on the stimulus check round 2.  There have been severe problems with other facts like the aids for unemployment every week that the President has spoken about. Finally, the current update of the stimulus check 2 status is not giving the citizens much hope.