Stimulus Check 2: The Latest Updates On Its Status

Stimulus checks
Stimulus checks

Stimulus check 2 might bring an additional $1,200 payment for eligible US citizens, although the negotiations have been quite unsuccessful. However, post the US presidential election results, the hopes of Americans to receive economic aid have been renewed.

Since the US has been recording a huge number of new coronavirus infection cases every single, everybody has pinned their hopes on the vaccine. Nonetheless, the relief fund would be of great help to one and all, as of now. Loans for small businesses, PPE distribution, direct payments of stimulus as well as coronavirus testing will be done under the stimulus check 2.

Stimulus Check 2
Stimulus Check 2

The date regarding the approval of stimulus check 2 is still unclear. The approval is highly dependent on the agenda of the newly elected President. Trump has been unreliable about stimulus check 2 from the beginning and now, he seems to be busy with denying the election results and challenging the win of President-elect, Joe Biden. Amid all these, he did tweet and ask Congress to make the stimulus check 2 large and focused.

Donald Trump has also shown some interest in a  second stimulus package during the recent weeks, preceding the election. Despite these tactics and agendas, Americans have been waiting for Trump to leave the White House to receive some good news on the stimulus check 2.

Stimulus Check 2 Dates, Eligibility, And Timeline

Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary, has informed that he will soon be meeting with Mark Meadows, Chief Staff to Trump along with Mitch McConnell, leader of Senate Majority as well as Kevin McCarthy, leader of House Minority. Mnuchin has scheduled this meeting to discuss the stimulus bill and details of the package that has been unclear for many months now.

Joe Biden has requested his party to compromise over the details of the bill so that it can be passed as soon as possible. Although the impact of his presidency on stimulus check 2 is still not known. However, he has assured Americans of helping them. He also spoke about the Biden Emergency Plan To Save The Economy.

US citizens will receive $1,200 without taxation. A married couple whose income is below $150,000 per annum can jointly file for a stimulus check of $2,400.

Eligible citizens who have custody of a dependent are also eligible to receive stimulus check 2 funds for each dependent.

Stimulus check 2 will be a priority as soon as the new government takeover in some months. When negotiations are agreed upon, the bill is likely to be passed and processed.

Once the chaos of the presidency settles down, the bill will be in focus. Meanwhile, negotiators are discussing the proposals of the package.