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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Stimulus Check Update- Close To 23 Million Will Receive A Payment Of $1,050

Americans seem to be quite eager to get more stimulus check payments in their bank account- with the increase in inflation. Nonetheless, the federal government hasn’t really come to the plate to bring it out. But this doesn’t really mean that more money isn’t coming along the way. In one of the states of the country, a budget compromise reached recently will result in the citizens receiving a payment of around $1,050. And, this is just one of the many states that have been taking action to offer some form of help to those who have been directly struggling without the lack of a proper stimulus payment. 

California To Issue Stimulus Check Payments

As it stands, California is the state where the legislators recently touched upon an agreement on an additional stimulus check payment. The money that was previously sent out has now been referred to as the inflation relief check, and it will definitely be coming before 2023 in the form of either a direct deposit or a debit card. The state has also been paying for the payments utilizing the $97 billion budget surplus that it currently has. The exact amount of money that every single individual or household will receive definitely depends on the filing status, income, and the number of dependents that they have.

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According to reports, single tax filers with earnings under $75,000 annually will be receiving a stimulus check payment of $350 per taxpayer. Married joint filers with an annual income below $150,000 will also be receiving a sum of $350 per taxpayer. Also, an additional sum of $350 will also be provided to the dependents. This simply implies that a married couple who have children would also be entitled to a payment of around $1,050. People with a far higher annual income are also supposed to receive some amount of money, and the payments will start phasing out with the taxpayer earning around $250,000.

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