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Stimulus Check Update: 25 Million SSI, SSDI And Rail Workers Should Finally Get $1,400

Fresh information given out by the IRS has revealed that the SSDI, SSI, retired railroad workers, finally and the veterans are finally getting their stimulus check soon. And if you are among the Social Security recipients or the retired rail workers, you could be among the lucky ones this week. 19 million payments have gone out, says the IRS and 3 million more stimulus payments have gone to the SSI beneficiaries.

The first part of the payments was worth $26 billion, while the second installment was worth $5 million. And to top it all, most payments went out as direct deposit into banks and the recipients have started receiving their payments. If you receive your federal benefits through a DI (Direct Express) card, your stimulus payment was most likely deposited to that card.

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The retired railroad workers will also be getting their third check this week. But the beneficiaries under the Veteran Affairs department will receive their check only on the 14 of this month. This was the fourth batch of payments sent out by the IRS and the total beneficiaries could be in the region of 25 million.

If You Still Haven’t Received Your Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

You might have to go through a few steps before you receive your stimulus check. Quite a few people have still been left out of the list of people who have received their stimulus check or will be getting it this week. You would do well to immediately file your tax return for 2020. Most payments have not been dispatched because the IRS has no information based on which they can send out the payment.

Read On If You Are A Social Beneficiary

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IF you receive Social Security benefits, it has been a long and uncertain wait as others received their stimulus checks much ahead in the first and second rounds. But as the payments for this group are being dispatched by the IRS, there are some details that you should know.

You will automatically receive a check if you are a Social Security payment beneficiary, or a retired rail worker, you will receive your stimulus check on or before April 7. For that, your deposit should have been set up through a DI card. But veterans could expect their stimulus check delayed by another week.

If you have used a Non-Filer last year, and there haven’t been major changes in your life, your stimulus check should come in automatically in the current round of payment. Your stimulus payment could also arrive through the US postal service in the form of either a check or a prepaid debit card.

Your check could increase substantially if you have welcomed a baby into your home in 2020 or claim new dependents.

Are You A Member Of A Mixed-citizenship Family?

You must be aware that such families missed out on the first two stimulus payments. Families with members having different immigration statuses or citizenship are classified as mixed-status families. Anyone member of the family should have a Social Security number to qualify for the stimulus check. A resident or nonresident alien with an ITIN will not qualify. So a spouse who is either a citizen or a lawful permanent resident having a Social Security number will qualify for the payment.

When Should You Expect Your Check If You Are An SSI, SSDI, Or A Veteran?

You should have received the stimulus check if you already have filed your return for either 2019 or 2020. You will also get it if you have used a Non-Filers tool. It is only the veterans who will feel left out at present because it should be another week before they receive their stimulus check.

In case of the payment not arriving, contacting the Veterans Affairs Department or the SSI does not help as they refer your file back. And the IRS cannot help much as they have put up all the information they have on the tracker tool of the IRS. If you do not get any information at the site you could always file for a trace.

Can You Restart Your Direct Express Account?

Yes, it is possible to sign up for a fresh Direct Express account. But it is not possible to route your third stimulus check payment and you will receive your payment through either direct transfer, a paper check, or a prepaid debit card.

But if you have closed your Direct Express account and have not informed the authorities, there is every likelihood of the stimulus check having been returned by the bank authorities. The IRS will then arrange to send the stimulus payment through a different medium. Give any information of a change in your address to the IRS or the US postal service.

Will You Get The Full $1,400 Stimulus Check?

stimulus check
Stimulus Check

The amount of the stimulus check depends primarily on the tax return filed with the IRS. If the AGI shows an income less than $75,000 ($150,000 for married couples, and $112,500 for heads of households), you will get the full check. Otherwise, your payment will phase out and you will not receive any amount when your AGI crossed $80,000 for individuals, $120,000 for heads of families, and $160,000 for married couples.

Adult And Older Beneficiaries Added For The First Time

Young adults aged between 17 and 24 have been added to the list of dependants for the first time. they will each add $1,400 to the total received by the head of the family.

The easiest way to inform the authorities of your dependents is to file your tax return for 2020. This will make them immediately eligible to receive the additional amount given out to dependants.

The rules for dependents were different in the stimulus payments paid out in 2020. Children under 16 were counted for the $500 received per child. The amount was increased by $100 for the second round of stimulus payments.

Is Your Account Managed By A Representative Payee?

If a representative payee manages your Social Security benefit accounts for you, they should share the rules and you, in turn, should inform the authorities through them of any change in the status of your family, like the birth of a child or any address change.

Representative payees are relatives, friends, or other interested parties who help manage the money of those SSI and Social Security beneficiaries who are unable to do it themselves.

Your Representative Payee should ensure that your stimulus check is received in the same way that you receive your social security payment. They are not required to account for the stimulus check with their accounting form as it is not a Social Security benefit.

Moreover, for SSI beneficiaries who reside outside the country, their monthly benefit automatically gets deposited in their bank account even if it is a foreign one. As such, the same payment method will be followed for the current round of checks as well.

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