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Stimulus Check Update: $285 Surprise Payment In November

Although the chances of another stimulus check being issued from the federal government are pretty low, Maine has brought forth some extra support. Around 524,754 residents of the state would be receiving payment in their mail after the 15th of November, as the State Tax Assessor for Maine will be on the verge of issuing a check of $285 to the many taxpayers that make up the state.

It has also been reported that people with an annual income below $150,000 for married couples who have filed jointly, as well as $75,000 for individuals, will be deemed eligible to receive the payment. 

Stimulus Check Payments: Maine Will Pay Its Workers $285

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The Governor for the State, Janet Mills, went on to state that it was the hardworking men and women who have worked round the clock to ensure that the state ran during the pandemic- for which they deserve all the appreciation that they get.

Now, due to a bipartisan budget passed by the Legislative Assembly of the state, the administration would be able to send a one-time payment of $285 to close to 500,000 working people in the state. She hopes that this would definitely help the many families in the state- while everyone works to improve the economy after the pandemic. 

However, it must also be kept in mind that not everyone who has an annual earning below the above-mentioned values would be deemed eligible for the stimulus check payments. To be eligible, one would also have to work throughout last year, and people who have classified themselves as dependents would also not be eligible. One could think of them as hazard payments that other states have gone about, such as Florida- rather than just a universal stimulus. 

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The state has planned on issuing 5,000 to 25,000 stimulus check payments daily over the next one and a half months, with a budget of $149.8 million kept aside. 

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