Stimulus Check: These 3 Tools Will Ease Up Your Payment Issues

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The IRS has decided to push forward three new online tools that would help one access their stimulus check much easier. These tools have been designed to assist those families that have been deemed eligible in order to monitor and manage their monthly payments on a recurring basis. For those parents who have been considered eligible, these tools will help them tap into extra funds that are government-issued. Such funds can be accessed via child tax credits which have been thought of as the fourth stimulus payment itself.

The Three Tools For An Easier Stimulus Check Payment

The IRS believes that the entire process needs to be far smoother than it is- which is precisely why the tools will start operating from the 15th of July- thereby allowing one to access and manage their stimulus checks carefully. The stimulus payment, as we very well know- comes under the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan of President Joe Biden.

The first tool that will be coming up is the Non-filer Sign-up Tool- which will be providing the IRS with the necessary information required to find bank accounts as well as addresses and routing numbers. This then would be used to disburse the credits to individuals. 

The agency states that this tool came under the partnership of Intuit with its delivery sanctioned by the Free File Alliance- which entails it would be an easy and free way for completely eligible people. This will be useful for those who don’t make enough income to avail the features which will help them push their details forward.

The second tool used under the stimulus check routine is the Child Tax Credit Eligibility Assistant, which will be allowing parents to answer questions that will determine if they are indeed eligible for accessing recurring credits which could amount to $3,600 per year for a child. 

The third tool is called the Child Tax Credit Update Portal which will allow families to ensure the verification of their stimulus check payments and unenroll in the entire program. This will help them receive a bigger sum when they file their returns the next year.