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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Stimulus Check 4: Here Is How It Might Happen

For months, American citizens have been hoping that Congress would, at least, discuss the possibility of another stimulus check. The economy is still reopening quite sluggishly, and companies are complaining about the lack of people to employ. Still, the demand for another relief payment remains high.

All The Factors Supporting Another Stimulus Check

Several factors are pushing the demand for more payments – living costs skyrocketing, record inflation, as well as continuously disappointing reports of employment. Nevertheless, several prominent Democrats and other lawmakers cannot agree with handing out further taxpayer money.

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Moreover, for another stimulus check to be truly helpful, it has to be much more particular than the previous rounds. For example, the workers with low income stated that their relief funds were exhausted within 2 months, simply because of accrued debts. They would be one of the groups that need another check.

Another group that would benefit massively is the senior citizens. Thousands of them have reported that their retirement funds are running dry in the face of ongoing inflation.

However, according to the majority of lawmakers, more direct aid will be harmful to the economy. But they do agree that if it can be targeted better for the lowest earners then they will be on board. Another condition would be perhaps adding an employment requirement. Progressive Democrats have heavily criticized such statements.

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It does not seem like there is going to be any more direct aids by Christmas. But Democrats can include such provisions in the upcoming spending bill – the Build Back Better plan. It can also happen in December when the battle over the debt ceiling resumes.

Until then, as for those who are still waiting for stimulus checks, the IRS can only ask them to be patient.

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