Stimulus Check Update: 4th Check Might Not Be Useful

Stimulus Checks
Stimulus Checks

It has been reported throughout the country that a fourth stimulus check from the federal government seems pretty unlikely. But, this doesn’t mean that some assistance is not being set to narrower groups of people. Also, there are quite a few different ways through which U.S. households that have been facing a lot of difficulties would be able to deal with their debts and pay their bills- to make up for the aid that has been exhausted.

As it stands, the newest Covid variant did pour cold water on the American economy- for the federal government had hoped that the economy would come back strongly and uplift from financial ruin. 

Core Stimulus Check COVID Relief Programs Ending

The third stimulus check payment from the government- which had a sum of around $1,400- was distributed to a major section of the American population. This has been a part of the pandemic federal rescue package worth $1.9 trillion, which is a major part of Joe Biden’s financial plans.

But currently, the time has already run out on most methods of emergency assistance for those packages. One of them that has already run out is the unemployment benefits package. This came under the American Rescue Plan of President Joe Biden, which granted a sum of $300 per-week boost to any individual who would be receiving unemployment benefits.

A couple of other stimulus check programs also ended that day- one of them being the unemployment checks sent towards independent contractors and gig workers during this crisis, and the second one being an emergency extension that had provided Americans with an extra benefit for 13 weeks. 

According to a report by the Century Foundation, around 7.5 million people will be losing out on the stimulus check unemployment benefits.